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Stuck at Home – Version 0.0.7b - Moraion (Dcg, Fight) [2023]

Year: 2023 | Censorship: No | Developer Moraion | Language: English | Size: 400 MB

Stuck at Home – Version 0.0.7b - Moraion (Dcg, Fight) [2023]

Game Porn Sex - Stuck at Home – Version 0.0.7b

How was your pandemic? Your quarantine? For our protagonist, it did not start well. Just as he was getting comfortable with working from home, he suddenly lost his job and his rent skyrocketed, forcing him to swallow his pride and move back in with his family. Most of them welcomed him back gladly, but he didn’t feel nearly as happy about it. For him it was like he was back to square one, like he had never left in the first place. And now he would have to spend his days doing nothing, unable to go outside due to the restrictions, unable to earn money or be useful. And worst of all, he would constantly bump into his family in precarious and awkward situations. Changelog: About 450~ lines of dialogue. 8 new CGs for Mia, though no new expressions because of some plans I have. Phone fixing minigame with 2 difficulties, but no reward for the second difficulty yet. Also fixed a pretty bad bug from the previous update.

27-12-22 37
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